​Welcome to Tewkesbury Yoga

Yoga-(yuj) To Yoke

This traditional form of yoga, sometimes called viniyoga,follows the teachings of Krishnamacharya and aims to meet you where you are.

There is emphasis on the relationship between the body and the breath, with the asanas (postures) providing good preparation for pranayama ( seated breathing ) and meditation.

If these ideas are new to you, this will be a great starting place to begin your yoga and meditation practice. If you already practice, the space is provided to continue with your exploration 

Once you have made contact with Tewkesbury Yoga I will send you a booking form to secure your place and a health questionnaire.


It is best to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that will allow for movement and have something warm to put on for the relaxation part of the practice.

I would ask that you bring your own mat although a mat can be provided in the interim period. (useful links to obtain this can be found on the 'link' page)


It is also advisable to refrain from eating 2hrs prior to the class although consumption of a light snack should not pose to much of a problem, You may also wish to bring a drink. 

Each student will be very different and unique so the class focuses on allowing the individual to work within their ability so they can experience the postures (Asana`s) in their own way, variations and modifications to the traditional postures will be offered so that a student may develop their practice at a pace that is right for them.

Each class and practice will be different. There will be every opportunity to become familiar with key postures, to expand and develop these, and also to be introduced to new and more challenging postures when appropriate. With this in mind the classes are suitable for beginners or those more familiar with yoga.

Yoga is non-competitive especially when dealing with one self. 

For those that are interested in developing their practice further they may wish to look at the recommended book page and to also attend any up and coming workshops. (TBC)