Since I have been doing yoga I have become more aware of my emotions and how to calm myself down. I have found the “me” time refreshing and I come home from the class with an inner calm and a sense of calm and contentment. Wonderful.” 



​“I started practicing Yoga after hearing it can help those suffering from chronic pain. My main aim was to gain muscle strength and flexibility after being out of action for 4 years. Rachel’s method is discrete and adapted for each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. During the sessions, Rachel clearly directs our awareness ensuring we have a strong connection with our body, breath and movement. She continuously applies clear instruction, meaningful adjustments, and reassuring encouragement to ensure we are making our practice a rewarding experience. Yoga night is one of the highlights of my week, and I leave feeling relieved of stress and emotionally balanced. Practicing yoga has resulted in a more positive attitude in handling whatever life throws at me. I would recommend Rachel’s yoga classes to anyone and everyone!”



​“Rachel and Tewkesbury Yoga have helped me to find the inner peace that has been missing from my life for so long. At first I was thinking this is not going to work for me It`s too soft, I soon realised that my fears were unfounded and that I could easily get benefits from and enjoy yoga classes.

This has become a highlight of my week it`s time just for me, Rachel has a very relaxing air about her method of teaching. There is nothing rushed, it`s not a race and you can go at your own pace.  


"I feel so fortunate to have discovered this wonderful yoga class. Rachel’s passion for yoga, and for her students, is endearing. This class is everything that I need at the end of a busy working week: relaxation, stretching, joy!
I initially joined this class to complement my marathon training, striving for improved flexibility. Rachel’s classes, however, are not only beneficial to my physical abilities but also to my mental-health and overall well-being. I learn something new with each practice.
This is a worthwhile yoga class in a comfortable, friendly environment with an attentive and skilled teacher. "



"Rachel's approach to yoga teaching is based on a thorough knowledge of traditional practices which she explains clearly so that each asana can be experienced according to the ability of the learner. This method makes what could be complex and demanding postures easy to approach and for the learner to gain confidence knowing that repetition will result in the physical and mental focus to achieve the control and strength to get the benefits of this lovely system of body and mind oneness which is yoga. Rachel's gentle and considered teaching is itself calming and reassuring and makes the weekly sessions a pleasure to anticipate and reflect on. I feel so glad to have found such a teacher". 


"It was a wonderful class made extra special for the bride to be with chants and meditations dedicated to her.  We were a very varied group, from those completely new to yoga, up to a fully trained teacher. However the class was made suitable for all,  the techniques and poses were clearly described and easy to follow. We also really loved the little extra touches such as  picking cards with little quotes on and anecdotes about  people Rachel had met along her yoga journey.  
Since we were holding the class on a Glamping site on a farm, Rachel worked a little magic to transform the large dusty tent we were given for the class into a calming yoga space.  This was a lovely and unexpected surprise when we arrived to the space to find it filled with fresh flowers, incense, Indian fabrics, a board with a love-themed yoga quote. She also was able to supply enough mats and props for everyone, which saved us a lot of heavy baggage when getting to the campsite.  A big thank you for all you did for us, which started the first morning of our Hen party in the best possible way."

Davina- Chief Bridesmaid

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